Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm in a groove & I can't stop to blog

I know it's been too long since I posted something but I am gloriously involved in one of my painted grooves. It kills me to stop, but someone has to pick up Mary at school, take Catherine and Caroline to dance, convince Caroline tap shoes are critical to ones success at tap dancing, and throw some dinner together after that.

Here's what I'm grooving on today: I bought four ladderback chairs about a month ago at an auction for $12 apiece. I told my husband once they're fabulous they would be perfect for the office, around a little table for lunch breaks, or meeting with someone informally. He didn't see my vision, as is usually the case, but he has developed the ability to humor me wonderfully. He gave me a shrug that I prefer to think of as a shrug of confidence.

I bought some little cushions for the seat because ladderback chairs like these are notoriously not comfortable for a long sit.

Tune in tomorrow for the finished product. I am so jazzed. It's amazing what a little Venetian Gem, black Setcoat and Briwax can do.

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