Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Glamorous it ain't

But fabulous it is. Living in my painted groove is dirty and sweaty but fabulous nonetheless. In my oversized Sherwin Williams tshirt, I am transforming the world, all the while imagining that all this sweating is cleansing my pores and keeping my skin fresh and supple.

Whereas I once had a window office on the seventh floor overlooking Carswell Air Force Base, headquarters for my painted groove is this beautiful workspace below:

Remember my little table from last week? It now has some groovy stripes going on and it's waiting for some pink and green paint. I love this garage/studio. It is my sanctuary. Pink, Tracy Chapman, Robert Earl and I have had some great times down here in the middle of the night. They're waiting for me right now to get in there and get to work.

Here's one of my most recent fabulous treasures. It's an old cabinet of some sort. Lizeth and I heaved it out of a junk pile on the east side of San Antonio one rainy day. There was another piece that matched it but it was buried under some wet carpet and a rocking chair. I imagined rats or a snake being in there too, and I did have my kids in the car, so we let it go. After first seeing the pile of discarded treasures, I did drive past at first. But the argument that ensued in my head made me turn back around. Lizeth didn't even ask if I needed help. With her beautiful fake fingernails, she jumped out and helped me load it up. It's a little flaky, but look at this natural crackle. Unbelievable:

The color is also magical. I cannot put it off any longer, my furniture and Third Day are calling me....

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