Thursday, November 8, 2007

After much fanfare and build-up, here's a few photos of the chairs I was raving about. I especially like the photo of the chair under the Conviction photo. When the husband first mentioned he'd like to find some prints with subjects like "Conviction," "Perseverance" and "Success," my initial thought was those type prints were way cliche. And most of the ones I had seen featured pictures of golf courses, with words like "Conviction" and "Perseverance" and "Success" written under them, as if golf courses have anything to do with conviction and success. Yuck. Thankfully, the husband wasn't crazy about the golf prints either. One of the best things about him is he isn't in love with golf. Once we discovered some that didn't feature pictures of golf courses, I relented. After all, conviction, success and perseverance are all good messages to have your husband reminded of on a daily basis, aren't they? These prints we found feature pretty trees and mountains. I can fully support pretty trees and mountains any time.

OK, back to the chairs. I can't figure out why my fancy camera doesn't fully capture the rich toffee and black color of these chairs. The pictures look a little washed out, like my flash is too strong. The lighting is hideous fluorescent, so maybe that's it. The chairs turned out really better than I ever imagined when I got them for $12 apiece. I don't say this to brag. I truly get so excited when something shabby finds new life as something transformed and beautiful. Like I said, it's amazing what a little Venetian Gem, black Setcoat and Briwax can do. By the way, Briwax is my new favorite trick of the trade. It makes any wood or any painted surface look rich, aged and more interesting. Kind of like how I pray my face looks as I age.

So the chair groove is over, and I've moved on to some little tables that are getting a makeover for a home on Lake McQueeney. The client is certainly not afraid of color. The colors in the room are a light lime green, pink, orange. If I could figure out how to transfer Sherwin Williams paint chips to my blog, I would show you. If you'd like to go look for yourself, go to, find their Color Visualizer and do the paint color lookup feature for Parakeet, Begonia and Knockout Orange.

This poor little brown table will never be the same.

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