Sunday, November 23, 2008

We were driving down South Alamo Street in San Antonio the other day when I noticed this grand house for the first time. It must be the new paint job that did it because my eyes had never beamed in on it before. Apparently it is a bed and breakfast, in the heart of the King William district. "Wait!" I shrieked. "Did you see that house?"

Ryan had not noticed it, because he doesn't care about paint colors and, to be fair, it was almost dark. "Oh my gosh!" I said. "That house color combination was fabulous. Maybe we need to paint the Marathon house like that," I continued in that rapid-fire, wheels turning a thousand miles an hour way that I do when I get all flitterbated about something exciting, like paint.

"I thought we had already decided what to paint the Marathon house," Ryan said. Poor thing, he thought this subject was behind him. What he doesn't realize is until it's painted, the decision is never final. And, really, that's what I love about paint. It's never permanent. It's always changeable. I wonder what that says about me, from a psychological standpoint?

Anyway, I need your help. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Here's another view of the house that cranked my head:

I just love the crisp white against the warm tan, and the black sets it all off so nicely. Is it too formal for the Marathon setting?

Here's a picture of the dingy outside of our humble home in Marathon. It really needs some help:

This is how it looked the day we went to do the inspection. The evaporative cooler is out of the window and it has a new tin roof. The storm screen doors are off. And there are a few plants trying to grow in the yard. But other than that, it's still aching for some curb appeal. A new porch is planned to jazz up the front entry, and a little overhang is going over the back door, but those will have to wait until people can qualify for home mortgages again. (Shameless plug:

The former option for this quaint little West Texas diamond in the rough was Sherwin Williams Crater Gray, which Ryan loves. I love the color, too, It's a gray/green/bluey color and quite masculine and cool. We first saw it on a beautiful house in Castroville. The difference that gives me pause is the Castrovile house sits in the shade, surrounded by beautiful green trees. This house sits out in the arid plains, set against tan, dry desert mountains. I do not want it to stick out like a turd in a punch bowl, as someone really influential in my life named Bob used to say and probably still does.

So what do you think? If you're one of those sneaky people who reads this blog and doesn't comment, please break that trend today and tell me what you really think!


Boyz3Mommy said...

Because my opinion matters oh so much...I love the tan. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Paige said...

I love the tan too and you have to remember how it will look during a West Texas sunset.


Lavender Chick said...

I LOVE it! I actually think the tan has more of a yellow/goldenrod to it. You know I love yellow! Since the Marathon house is your ray of sunshine, I think this color is a must! Although your original color plan sounds beautiful, I think the yellow/tan is a better choice for Marathon.

Design Block said...

I may be too late. I think the tan with turquoise doors and possibly trim would be beautiful and it would also be an evil spirit blocker. I am sure you have thought of this since it is indicative of the area.

You could even paint your ceiling turquoise inside... just a thought. I want to see more pictures. It is a very charming casa. You may want to look here for inspiration:

Design Block said...


I think the the original tan shown in the photo of the Marathon house is better than the ochre on the San Antonio Colonial. I think I may be confused. Tan with less yellow more like taupe with Turquoise would be stunning and historically accurate.