Thursday, September 4, 2008

Too many adjectives

For the love of God, could we stop with the labels, the excessive adjectives? If I hear Sarah Palin's little baby Trig referred to as "the Down Syndrome Baby" one more time, I might go mad. It's just rude. Were we not raised better than that? I grew up in Texas, mostly, and we like to think we have manners. Some of us spit and cuss, but we like to say things like "bless her heart" and not mention the obvious -- until later.

Are you wondering from where this rant comes? Listen, you won't hear me or any of my girlfriends say, "Oh yeah, I'll bring Susie, Little Bobby and my Ugly Daughter over to swim on Saturday." When we're talking about our neighbors, we don't say, "Oh, yes, she and her husband have three kids, two cute and normal ones, and one with buck teeth and diabetes."

It's just despicable. And disrespectful. Trig is a baby. A sweet little four-month-old baby. And despite whether you think Sarah Palin should have avoided his birth or not (God help you) , he's a baby. He is one of God's children and he deserves to be referred to as such.
In my experience, only cool and special people who can handle it are gifted with "different," "special," "challenged" and "not-quite-right" kids. And that's all I have to say about that.


Lavender Chick said...

Right on, sister! If any adjective is used for this precious infant, it should be Rockin' Trig Palin. Did you know that Trig's full name is Trig Van Palin - as in Van Halen. Apparently, we're not the only Van Halen fans, Sarah is too!

Couldn't agree more with your post.

Cote de Texas said...

what about - the adopted child??? omg - how many times do you hear that one? the adopted kid.

The baby is really cute, though - isn't he? darling picture!

thanks for your extra sweet comment. made my day - I do try to be funny sometimes, though I'm not laughing now after five days and still no power! I could scream!!! hahah thanks again

Sand Flat Farm said...

AMEN TO THAT! I'm a firm believer that God send those special children to very special parents - how could He entrust those little ones to just anyone???