Sunday, August 23, 2009

5 Things I Love Today

Ok I know today is Sunday, but this is a list of what really blows my skirt up:

1. Being organized, getting organized. Neatness. That's why I have been such a crazed maniac for the past week. There has been no neatness. I live with four other people who apparently are not interested in the same things as me. And my favorite person on earth just went her own way to find another job. sniff, sniff. Pass me a tissue.

2. Getting stuff done ... GSD. Nothing makes me happier than a lightbulb being put in the light in the pantry.

3. When my honey-do list becomes a priority. This is just plain sexy.

4. The disappearance of clutter. Over accessorization has begun to make me nuts. It is just so unnecessary if it doesn't mean anything to you. If it's something important from an interesting trip or makes your soul happy when you walk by it, great! If not, if it's just filling the space above your cabinets, it's going to make me insane.

5. The thought that tomorrow, Monday, August 24th, will find ALL my children locked safely away in school for the rest of the year. And while they're gone, I can continue to GSD ...


Lavender Chick said...

Is there a GSD pill? I need a presciption! When you are done with you GSD'ing, perhaps you could come over and help me GSD.

I agree with over accessorizing just to fill up space. There's just too much stuff that doesn't mean a thing to anyone... That's sad to me. Of course I guess that all this meaningless stuff has helped the economics of China, being that most meaningless stuff made to fill space was made in China. Okay - where am I going with this?

Hope the girls have a good week at school!

Greyeyes said...

I swear, some days there has to be some weirdo sort of psychic link between our thinking. When i finished up that class i taught in Houston and got back, my world was in utter chaos, then this summer has turned it to near ruin. Donna asked me what i was going to do with the guys back in school tomorrow and i said, "Put everything where it belongs, throw away what i don't need, and finish everything with pins in it." I guess that would be my version of your GSD. You go hotrod!! P.S. How do you get your honey-do list to be a priority?? toodles. D