Thursday, January 24, 2008

Come on over and do it my way...

I realize there may be a few people out there who have not come on over to my way of thinking. But that's just because I haven't yet convinced you that painted furniture rules! I don't know why and yes, there are exceptions. I do resist painting things and there are some well-represented wood tones in my very own home. But as a general rule, the most ordinary piece of drab furniture can be made lovely with a carefully crafted paint job.

I was reminded that not everyone sees furniture my way the other day when I bought some darling little 1960s twin beds for my twins. I made the mistake of announcing to the nice man selling them to me that I was going to paint them.
"Paint them?!!!? Beautiful solid maple beds? And you want to put paint on them?" he gasped. I got the impression he almost wanted to yank them back out of my hands and take them back to his protective home.

In defense of my outlandish opinions, and inspired by Cote de Texas' blogged report from Dallas market, I thought I might plead my case with you here. Here's the photo that got me all juiced up and dying to paint something:

The Guildmaster line in the In-Detail showroom. I want to move in.

Is that armoire not the most romantic, most beautiful thing you've ever seen? I can recreate that, just in case you're wondering. In her blog, Joni of Cote de Texas reveals light-colored furniture like this cream collection was hot at the most recent Dallas market last weekend.

Here's a peak at the Two's Company showroom, again courtesy of Cote de Texas:

I'm sorry, but this piece looks oh so much better in white than it would in crusty brown. Those walls remind me of my girls' bathroom. Maybe I won't repaint it after all.

To further convince the masses, and in search of inspiration from other sources of painted furniture, I found a company called Patina, makers of fine Italian painted furniture. This company only reinforces my point:

The frascati table from Patina Inc.

I have a pitiful little brown table very similar to this in my garage that I bought at the St. Andrews garage sale. It can expect to be painted cream and gold any day now.

And please tell me, why on earth would you want something like this:
When you could have this instead:

Hand-painted Veneto Bombay chest from Patina Inc.

Any one of these armoires from Patina, I would tenderly love in my own home:

Just in case you're not in love with black like I am, Patina offers this yummy, less dramatic option:

If I was to let go of the two "garage-sale chic" pieces taking up residence in my bedroom right now, I would have just the spot for the following beauty:

I know it's enormous, but my ceilings are so high it requires a mammoth piece of furniture. And for my pink-loving friends, isn't this gorgeous?

Why can't pink be the new black? I want to marry this armoire.


Design Block said...

I agree! I have several tables that could use something.

I painted my front entry door black several years ago and my wood-nazi-neighbor would bring his friends over and say, "can you believe she painted this solid mahogany door?" I am glad we moved so I don't have to look at his ugly, faded, blah brown door anymore.

Painted Groove Girl said...

I saw a front door right in the middle of Seguin that was the most beautiful shade of orange. It made me want to pull over and knock on their door so we could be friends.

Lavender Chick said...

Okay, I'm lovin' the painted furniture... As I'm looking around my house, I'm seeing all the drab, brown, blah. I'm so 1999.

Now I have to start thinking about what I can transform. A huge armoire is coming to mind. We'll have to do it some weekend when Jack is out of town. The thought of trying to explain this to him gives me a headache!

Painted Groove Girl said...

I'm beginning to see painting furniture as a clandestine activity,which makes me love it all that much more.

Cote de Texas said...

Hi - love this post, I'm so glad I saw it on Technorati - I might have missed it!!!

Cote de Texas said...

I just reread this and that piece in the blue tiffany room iS white!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Painted Groove.... I could not agree more with you about painted furniture. I have four or five large pieces and my parent's house has more than that. Mom late Mom was a big painter of furniture from the 50's on. I think Martha Stewart helped bring back my favorite: painted furniture! Great blog by the way. Yeah, That Cote de Texas....she's pretty doggone cool.

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