Friday, January 7, 2011

What I liked this week …

I've decided to not let my perfectionism to keep me from blogging this year. So here's a peek at what I liked this week.

My Mom's new chair. A total impulse buy, on sale at World Market. The best part: I put it together with an allen wrench (sp?) and Bambi was the first dog to sit on it.

While some may say this was just an average chair from World Market, I must stress this chair brought new life to my Mom's living room, brightening up the space and detracting at least 20 years from the decor. My mother is certainly not one to embrace old age willingly and this chair is just as sassy as she is. Way to go, Mom!

My fake Suzani tablecloth. I completely ADORE it don't care if it is a fake Suzani tablecloth from Target. I live in a real house with completely real kids and husband (that I ADORE, of course). And just this morning I washed it in water in a real washing machine like normal people have and then dried it. Now it's back on my table all fresh and clean. I didn't buy it trying to pretend I have a Suzani. I like the pattern and the colors are my favorite colors and it disguises the dreary, too formal table.

I don't especially love my dining room table ... in this setting, as our only eating spot. Under other circumstances, I think it's lovely. It's a family heirloom but in this house, we have just one dining area. So yes, it's a little formal for daily use, but hey, it's what we have. The fake Suzani ups the fun factor.

 All this happiness of the week is sure to be surpassed by the luxury of being able to do nothing on Saturday, at least for a couple of hours while I drink coffee and snuggle with my girls. After that, my perfectionism will kick in and I'll be forced to go transform or improve something, like the laundry situation or a table I need to finish. I'll probably start by making a list. But then I'll take a nap. It's going to be a glorious weekend with few plans.


Greyeyes said...

Hoorah Dude!!!

Lavender Chick said...

So we both posted blogs on our suzani's! Not that unusual since our brains seem to work that way. I love your suzani and how it brightens up your table and the space. Just perfect.

And who cares about what is fake, real, faux, knock-off... It's about what sings to you. Kinda like how that chair sang to your mother, which by the way - love that, too!

marshavick said...

I don't care much about the Suzani's, real or not, but i love that chair of your mom's. Tell Teeni I'll trade her a bombay chest for it!!

Lavender Chick said...

Dang! My Mother posts on your blog but never on mine.... What is this supposed to mean?