Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'd like some wine and cheese with my whine, please!

I have stress-induced ADD and here's why. I am stressed. Why am I stressed, you ask. Life is good. I have faith, blah, blah, blah. Well, the main reason I am stressed is because my house is dirty. You think I'm exagerrating. Truthfully, it isn't just messy. It's a filthy pigsty. Unorganized. Cluttered. Bordering on disgusting.

Oh, I'm sure many of you would think it's fine. None of my friends, mind you, but some of the other people who read this blog. Ha! I want to assure you that I am not dabbling with hyperbole again. It is seriously bad and my chi has left the building. Here's a look at my daughter's closet, the other day before I made her clean it. That was the other day. It's right back to this:

I once read it's not good to shame your children, but I think she should be ashamed. Notice I'm only showing your her mess. I'm not about to give you a peek at my own personal nightmare.

So anyway, the reason my house is a pigsty is because I've been busy beautifying the houses of everybody else. Yay! Business in a recession! It's all good. But it's making me crazy. Right now I have a work-at-home day, but I can't concentrate BECAUSE THERE IS TOO MUCH CLUTTER EVERYWHERE AROUND ME. There is no peace & love in this house. So I'll blog. And show you the homes of other, organized, happy people:

I did some touch-ups at this beautiful house in the country. I wanted to go to their house for Christmas dinner, but alas, I was not invited.

I ventured to the Valley to beautify the entry ceiling of this bank. If you ever need a bank, I would suggest Texas Community Banks because they obviously have good taste and an appreciation for beautification.

Right after the bank I got a another job out of town, to antique the cabinets in an enormous kitchen makeover, whole-house remodel. Even though it was two hours away, it's a beautiful drive:

One foggy morning it looked like this.

The silence on a long drive is a good thing.

Before I started the job, the cabinets looked like this:

And then after I did my magic, they looked like this:

But wait! Here's what they look like once they got all dressed up with their "jewelry" on:

Who wouldn't love to have this refrigerator?

Or this super-sweet stove?

Love these pulls.

Wouldn't it be great if my house had its own personal dumping ground like this mud room? I bet if I had these cubbies, my house would not be as messy because I have three kids that would use them. I'm sure of it.

It was a huge job. And it's not finished. Now a sample for crown mold in the kitchen is pending approval. And we wrapped up a black stain on the upstairs cabinetry Monday. I haven't even managed photos of that room yet. And all this reminds me that I need to call the clients and tell them about the sample. So for now, I'm going to go whirl away on another tangent, which sadly does not include cleaning my house!


Greyeyes said...

Love the closet Sami, i've got one of those myself. He's almnost 15, so i'm hoping that it's a phase. (insert gut busting laugh here) You definitely do nice work for your clients, but i'm sure questioning the sanity of the one that wanted the new kitchen to look old. OH and uh, yeah, if they don't like that stove i'm more than sure i could make room for it. Hang Tough Girly, D

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