Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pix from my creative field trip

Sometimes you just need to get out and see the world to get some inspiration, aka go shopping with your girlfriend(s). So that is what Wendy and I did yesterday. Here's a look at what tickled our fancies:

Our first stop was Architectural Antiques, 403 Dawson, on the near east side of San Antonio, where I spied these great old ceiling tiles. I am thinking of facing the skirt around the tub in my bathroom with these. The plain old white tile is rather boring.

Wendy was looking for some columns to use as decor pieces in the remodelling of their nursing home. Nestbit Living & Recovery Center in Seguin is going to be like no other nursing home I've ever seen:

This pair of columns were just the right height, and also still had what's left of their paint job. Architectural Antiques strips a lot of what they sell, but Wendy wanted the old crusty paint. She said she only needed one column but I was so uncomfortable with that idea. "You can't just buy one of them. What about the other one? You can't just leave it here," I reasoned. She bought them both. Women are just reasonable that way.

While Wendy was seriously shopping, I noticed I really liked the "patina" on this old door. If I was to use this as a linen closet or pantry door, I would leave it just the way it is.

My favorite thing about enormous old antique stores and warehouses like this are the surprises you'll find around every corner. This beauty below was hanging from the ceiling -- above the loading dock. Go figure.

Totally gorgeous and interesting. You won't see this quirky chandelier hanging over the breakfast nook in your local McMansion. Please note: they do not sell this in the Pottery Barn catalogue. I really, really wanted to take it home.

OK these were so cool and I'm sorry I don't know their official name. They were in the lighting area and so I know they are globes for some kind of hanging light fixture. They were fabulously gold on the outside and silver mercury glass-like on the inside. LOVE IT!

I could imagine myself building an entire house around this door. It was at least 8 feet tall.

If you have just the place for this cool old bank vault door from the old Jourdanton State Bank, it will only cost you $12,000. I'm betting for that price you would be furnished with the combination.
After spending around two hours in that big old warehouse, we got a good recommendation for lunch and found our way to Madhatter's in King William. They have an inspired menu of sandwiches and soups and teas and wines. It looks like the restaurant is located in two old houses joined but a glassed in connecting hallway. Rooms go this way and that and so it's easy to find a great place for conversation. It's also a cell-phone-free zone, the big sign tells you at the door.
When we were walking to our car after lunch, I spied this darling house with the good paint job:

You can't tell from the picture, but the wall color is a soft blue/green. The trim is a creamy antique white but much less white than it appears in this picture. And then those dark accents were a darker green that I wasn't crazy about but it was still very well-done.

We then visited some quirky second-hand shops in the Midtown area on Blanco Road north of downtown, but the salvage place we wanted to visit was closed. There were some interesting pieces suitable for transformation but in major need of new upholstery, right across the street from Casbeers. Next time we'll have to make the trip there again and then see what's going on over on Hildebrand. ...

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Best, Punchy! said...

Okay you gorgeous were in my neck of the woods and you didn't even call....WAH!!!!!
You're going home to West Texas? DOUBLE WAH!!!

I seriously cannot wait to meet you and all of my new WTX blogging sistas!

I love, love, love your picturess today, that door is amazing! Thanks for posting them!!!!