Friday, July 11, 2008

It's a face only a mother could love

Meet Rooster. He's got a face only a mother could love. Bulging eyes, and shiny black hair the same color as his eyes. When he raises his ears he looks like the chupacabra. Oh, but do we love this little guy.

It all started with Caroline. She loves dogs and likes to plan parties in her mind. She loves to tell you about the party, the food she's planning and the guest list. Emma, Emily and Baby Caroline, plus Slick, Rusty and Chula are invited to every party and barbecue. If you didn't know these dogs you would think her little preschool friends have some pretty strange names. In April, Paige, Lauren and I took a collection of kids to the Fiesta Pooch Parade. I thought it would rock Caroline's world since she loves dogs so much. Nope. She was completely traumatized.
This little guy walking by the girls was sporting a mini sombrero.
Paige and I especially liked this family of real-life wiener dogs.
Catherine & Chloe weren't bothered at all by the endless parade.
Caroline, on the other hand, cried "I want a baby puppy, Momma, I want a baby puppy" for about an hour and a half, and part of the way home. Lauren advised me to "distract and redirect" but I couldn't figure out how to do it as the "baby puppies" just kept on coming.
That day, Caroline became determined she had to have a "brown chihuahua with a pink dress." I was happy because my most favorite dog ever was Weeni Banana, a chihuahua whose mother came tearing around the corner and bit my ankle when I went to pick her out. The most amazing thing about Weeni was that she was an extremely good judge of character and could eat sunflower seeds by cracking the shell, extracting the seed, and discarding the shells into a little pile on the car seat during long drives through West Texas. If Weeni ever growled at anyone, and showed her little teeth, they always turned out to be a real deadbeat loser. She did a lot of growling during those Odessa days.
Getting back to this story, when Rooster showed up black and without the pink dress, Caroline didn't give it a second thought. We work hard to steer clear of racism in our house, toward dogs or anybody else. Caroline still wants to get Rooster a pink dress, and Catherine seriously wanted to name him Princess. We delicately explained Princess was just not the name for the only other boy in the family besides Daddy.
When he eats all his dinner, Ryan says he looks like a pot-bellied pig.

As for my creative career, I promise to get busy and show you the ever-s0-clever project that really should have been an HGTV gone wrong episode. Have you ever wondered why the women on HGTV transforming an entire house with a $50 budget don't ever show their wine glasses? I guess that's why Lauren and I don't have our own show yet.


Lavender Chick said...

I'm so glad that child has finally gotten her puppy! You tormented her way too long - dragging her to puppy parades and everything else just to rub it in her face!

Seriously, cute puppy and I can't wait to meet him. Lastly, will you hurry up and show us your creation already!

Design Block said...

Sam, I think of Weeni all the time. Teenie and Weeni. It took me several years to get that straight. Anyway, one of my favorite Weeni memories is when she stole the kitty cat's baby. Do you remember this? Weeni nursed the little teenie kitten.

Painted Groove Girl said...

Design Block!!! You're back. Yes, I remember the cat-napping. I had to steal the poor kittens back because the mother, Mew, was in great pain.

Weeni was suffering severe post-partum, child-loss depression, as I recall.