Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Reason I'm Getting Botox

The fact that I can look like this without even meaning to look like a mean, hagard shrew is enough reason for me to get Botox. I have informed my husband not to dare get me one other gift. I only want cold, hard cash for my Botox.

What's so shocking is that when this photo was snapped by my three-year-old daughter Catherine, I was happy. I was getting to babysit my sweet little niece Piper and was sitting on my porch in paradise. See that crease in the middle of my grouchy forehead? It's permanent. I don't even make it on purpose. And yes, I realize I could use a little lipstick -- again.

Lavenderchick, can I please join you in making this the year of my face? I know you have been sandblasting yours but I think mine needs to be paralyzed into a happy face that appears to be interested. The face above is horrifying.

I promised myself I was not going to dwell on this any longer, but maybe this is why people don't naturally assume immediately upon seeing and/or meeting me that I am warm, loving person. I promise to reveal my warm, loving, nice and interested-looking face as soon as it's paralyzed into existence.


Paige said...

First I want to know why you are blogging at 3A and more importantly why it has nothing to do with Painted Groove? And worrying about your face of all things.

I'm not surprised you are electing to do this. I do have a question - Botox is not a long lasting fix. Are you going to become a botox junkie and will this lead to other items?

On a final note - you now are in the same category as LavenderChick's close relative - remember the funny story about a Botox procedure and the mall? Please let me take you to your appointment so I can laugh and have a really good story to pass on.

Oh and I promise this is the last - but how are you addressing this with your 13 year old daughter? If you're telling her what kind of message does it send to her? I hope you're not and it's something you keep to yourself.


Painted Groove Girl said...

Oh please Paige. First of all, the timer is set wrong on my blog poster so I wasn't blogging at 3 a.m. I am a tired, haggard shrew, remember?

Yes, I may become a botox junkie and no, I think the only thing it may lead to is a little juvederm for my former smoker lips. And then if I get a waddle, I'll definitely get that fixed.

I thought Lavenderchick's hilarious story had to do with puffed up lips and drooling. I seriously hope that won't be the case, but yes, you can take me to my appointment for your sick pleasure should something go awry.

Regarding my precious, grateful and so loving 13-year-old, I hope this will teach her not to scowl or frown and when something goes wrong, fix it.

xoxoxo my high-brow friend!

Lavender Chick said...

Okay girls, I'm just checking in. First of all, I think it's just fine if you want to faux your face. In a way, it is simply advertising your world of faux - painting that is.

Regarding this being my year of the face, well - I gave up. I could have hired Painted Groove to faux all the furntiture in my house for what I have spent on this so called state of the art laser. I can't tell any difference. Now my doctor does this special face photo, super magnified one million times thing and says, "look, there's improvement." I, however, am not interested in microscopic improvement that is only noticable after you pay $90 for this special super magnified photo.

I'm going to resort to simply spackling my face instead; and then adding a coat of paint. Faux painting does make everything more appealing - walls, furniture, and your face.